Calibration and measurement services

Calibration and measurement services

We take care of the sale and configuration of equipment to offer quality measurement services, providing exact information on the status of the different measurements.

On-site calibration

Types of measurements: Flow, level, temperature and pressure.

Flow measurement

Provides accurate and reliable process information through superior measurement performance, which translates into increased measurement for plant operators, increased product quality, safety and plant performance. plant.

Induserv has different standard gauges: With calibration capacity in diameters from ½” to 6”.

Level measurement

Continuous and punctual level measurement and detection; We have a wide range of products for applications with liquids and granulated solids.

Verification of level meters and parameterization of tanks and silos where they are located, to guarantee correct measurement of the product

Pressure measurement

Instrumentation for the measurement of absolute and relative pressure, differential, level and volume or mass flow in gases, vapors or liquids.

We have standards for measuring low, medium and high pressure

Temperature measurement

We offer E+H brand equipment with a complete range of compact temperature probes, modular thermometers, sheath sensors, measurement insert sensors and accessories for all types of industries.

We have certified ovens and probes for calibrating sensors in a wide range of temperatures.

Analysis Measurement

We offer complete product range for all analysis parameters. Liquids such as water, soft drinks, dairy products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals should be tested every day. Induserv has different standards, for the calibration of the variables focused on analysis of: pH, ORP, Conductivity, dissolved Oxygen and Chlorine.

Service contracts

Induserv / Endress + Hauser offers its clients a tailor-made plan to support them in the maintenance of their equipment, making the following services available:

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